Key Rehabilitation, Inc.

Integrated Therapy

Integrated Therapy Services

Key Rehab is a full service, integrated therapy partner in skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation hospitals and acute care settings. We provide a turnkey operation that is cost effective, and outcomes driven.

We believe successful partnerships are driven through effective communication and teamwork.

We don’t just “staff a building”, we provide a collaborative leadership team which includes:

Highly trained therapists

Regional supervisors

Clinical reimbursement consultants

Clinical trainers and educators 

Marketing specialists

Regulatory experts

Why Choose Key Rehab?

Local Leadership

Our supervisory staff and facility therapists are local to the communities in which they provide services. They are familiar with the health care markets and excited to work in communities close to where they live. Staff are readily available when you need them to support your operations in a variety of ways!

Facility Integration

Our staff is YOUR therapy department! We pride ourselves on being a member of your team. We follow your expectations and culture and become an integral part of your everyday operations. Together, we provide support in clinical training and excellence.

Clinical Offerings

Key Rehab provides a variety of clinical programs in addition to adopting programs you currently offer. We will work together to implement new clinical programming or specialties based on your business goals. We provide education, training, and on-going auditing to ensure compliance and best outcomes. Collaboratively, we will determine shared metrics and celebrate our successes! A sampling of our clinical programs include:

Industry Experience

Key Rehab has been in business since 1999. Our Owner/ CEO is a certified Speech Language Pathologist with experience in various healthcare settings and an active member in leadership roles across national healthcare trade associations. We have extensive experience in staffing both rural and urban areas. Many of our leaders are licensed clinicians from operations to recruiting! We know how to find and retain the right therapists and staff for your program.

Regulatory and Compliance

Staff are regularly educated in the regulatory and compliance requirements of your setting. We stay up to date with CMS, state and federal regulations to ensure we adapt to changes and are always in compliance.

Continuity and Stability in Staffing

Therapists are local to the markets in which they provide services. Work life balance is important these days! We use creative scheduling to meet the needs of your patients and ensure job satisfaction. Our recruiting and retention strategies focus on programs that meet the desires of today’s work force. We provide internal growth opportunities, extensive clinical support and career paths for promotion and professional development. Our productivity expectations are reasonable, which allows more time with our patients and drives staff satisfaction.


All our supervisors and clinical support staff are licensed therapists, which further supports our teams in the field.

My rehab following knee surgery was comprehensive and extremely professional. My therapist was not only professional and conscientious, she made the sometimes tedious work of rehab interesting. Having had extensive experience with rehabilitation, I can truly say that my experience with Key Rehab was by far the most rewarding.

~Rehab Patient

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