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The Key Rehab Story

Key Rehabilitation, Inc. was founded in 1999 by the current owner. The vision was to develop therapy services in the more rural areas of the country while continuing to build on their reputation for excellence in the more urban areas. Key Rehab has grown to over 900 therapists located in rural and metropolitan areas. We provide the highest quality therapy services to skilled and intermediate nursing facilities, subacute facilities, facility hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, school systems, assisted living, and centers for the developmentally disabled. Our corporate offices are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and we currently provide services to the rural and metropolitan areas of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Missouri. We continue to expand in our current areas and into other sections of the country.

We believe what sets us apart from other therapy companies is our staff and the compassionate services that they provide to the patients and our clients. We provide extensive orientation, continual support and close supervision which helps our staff continue to grow, develop and enjoy their work!

Care Philosophy

Our philosophy on caring for elders is an important aspect of our established mission statement – both of which should be used to guide our daily practices in delivering the highest quality healthcare services. It is the philosophy of Key Rehabilitation, Inc. and its GeroPsych division that:

Older members of society are not worn out and without purpose.

Rather, they continue to grow and learn; even in the midst of dementia, learning is possible. Because of their experience, they have wisdom to pass on to others.

The term ‘elder’ connotes respect and represents our approach to elders. We may interchange the words “client”, “resident”, or “patient” at times, but we think of them as elders.

There is a distinction between treatment and caring: treatment is for a medical condition, caring is for a loved one. The elder or patient may not be a “loved one,” but we approach each patient in a “caring” manner.

It is all right, even preferable, to have a mutually caring relationship with our clients and patients. There are still boundaries between the roles of therapist and client, but connecting with the ‘person within’ is an act of care that goes beyond mere mechanical treatment.

Technology At Key Rehab

As part of Key Rehab’s mission to provide the best in patient care and in client services, Key has teamed up with an innovative therapy software solution specifically designed for the sub-acute therapy industry – NetHealth (formerly Rehab Optima).

This easy-to-use integrated software streamlines the data management process for therapists and nursing alike. Benefits of the therapy software to both the facility and to the therapy team include:

Regulatory compliance including built in regulatory details for clinical documentation and billing.

Efficient management of stringent healthcare guidelines to help avoid Medicare denials and assure timely payment of claims

Improved quality of care by allowing therapists to concentrate more on the evaluation and treatment of the patients with the documentation and billing guidelines provided by the software program

I recently had a revisional L4 L5 lumbar fusion surgery (congenital spondylolisthesis) + after a brief stay in the hospital, I was transferred for a 90 day harrowing rehabilitation therapy + recovery protocol. + am writing this letter of commendation on your STELLAR PT/OT team.

Unknowingly to PT/OT, I was transferred there with an e-coli infected surgical site wound; hence @ a moments notice your PT/OT took immediate ACTION + rushed me back to the hospital for “LIFE-SAVING” midnight surgery.

Once I was returned, I was given PROFESSIONAL+ETHICAL with added TLC from the dedicated + passionate PT/OT squad.

This SUPERB therapy team monitored my wound daily in addition to providing creative + keen PT /OT regimen therapy for my healthy + successful recovery.

Please note: I received the same endearing PT/OT care from the same skilled team in November 2020. (L4 L5 lumbar fusion surgery)

After such a wonderful experience with your team, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

~Physical Therapy Patient

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