Key Rehab Employees

Important Information About Changes to Green Employee Login (for Paycheck Stubs, Tax Forms,etc.)

Green Employee Login Changes

To ensure our employees’ information is safe and secure, Green Employee is requiring new security measures when logging into the Green Employee system. This process will require each employee to log in as if they are a first time user and receive an email to reset their password. Employees will NOT be able to log in to view check stubs, tax forms or other documents until a new password and security questions are in place.

Here are the details (which are also on the Green Employee website):

  • To reset your account, begin by logging on to Green Employee via computer, laptop, or mobile device:

  • Once you are at that screen, click the link at the bottom that says: First time here or need password help?
  • The site will ask you for your “corporate email.” It does NOT need to be a Key Rehab email address. You will use the email you entered when you first set up your Green Employee account.

    If you do not know that email, you may enter the information indicated on the home page (social security number, date of birth and the first full line of your mailing address), and a link will be sent to your email on record. If you follow that link you will receive an additional email with another link that allows you to create your new password. Be sure to look in your “junk” mail, if the email from Green Employee does not appear in your inbox.

  • As part of the process, you will be instructed to choose an email address and security questions to further protect your information. You will then be able to reset your password.

Troubleshooting –

If you receive an error message, it’s important that you go BACK to the Key Rehab Green Employee home page (see link above) and start the process over. The links in the automated emails from Green Employee only work once, so using the link from previous emails will result in an error message.

Please note that there will be TWO separate emails from Green Employee to reset your password, and both must be used only once. For further assistance contact Key Rehab at 888-362-8704.